One of the most important services Apple Aire, Inc. provides its customers is air duct cleaning in the Denver and the surrounding areas. As air moves through your HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air, and Cooling) system it carries dust, dirt, and other particulate matter that settles throughout the ducting. Though some level of dust is inevitable, large amounts of particulate matter lingering or settling in your ducts can result in a home’s air quality becoming unhealthy. With dust and particulate matter that collects containing mites, pet dander, allergens, pollen, fungi, and more, they need for vent cleaning heating and air conditioning system from recirculating this material is clear.

With air duct cleaning our Denver team can also help increase your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. While your air filter works to keep your HVAC system as free from particulates as possible, a dirty duct system can overburden the filter and keep air from efficiently and cleanly moving through your home. This can create the need for the system to operate longer to heat or cool your home. Additionally, inefficiency due to a clogged air filter from an excessively dirty HVAC duct system can result in inconsistent heating or cooling and higher utility costs.


To provide the most efficient air duct cleaning services in Denver and the surrounding areas, Apple Aire, Inc. uses the Rotobrush aiR+ duct cleaning system to clean out dirt, dust, contaminants, and other particulate matter from your duct work. The Rotobrush aiR+ system is a proven duct cleaning system from an industry leader with 20 years of experience providing duct cleaning techniques and equipment for HVAC service companies like Apple Aire, Inc. Using a hose and brush system to clean air ducts, the Rotobrush aiR+ brush rotates at 450 revolutions per minute to loosen debris from inside the walls of the air ducts. As it loosens, the debris is vacuumed up through the nozzle located behind the head of the brush. This efficient and effective system offers ease of use, power, and portability to provide the best vent cleaning available.

To keep your home’s HVAC system operating efficiently and cleanly, call Apple Aire, Inc. today at (303) 733-2813 and schedule an appointment to have your air duct system thoroughly cleaned.

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