Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

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With summer right around the corner, now is the time to ensure your air conditioner is in proper working order. Apple Aire can help you prepare by providing central air conditioning service and AC maintenance that will check all the boxes, to make sure when those hot days arrive you won’t be left in the heat with a non-functioning air conditioner. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating and cooling your home takes up over 50% of your bill. Making sure your air conditioning system is prepared to operate efficiently and smoothly during those hot months is important so as not to waste precious resources while keeping yourself cool. There are a number of steps to preparing your AC unit and equipment for use during the hot summer months. Your air conditioning system is comprised of two main pieces of equipment, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Each unit needs to be thoroughly inspected, checked, and cleaned after sitting for some time, to make sure it is ready to go and keep you cool during the upcoming hot summer days and warm nights.

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While there are some things you can do to prepare your system for use, like replacing the AC filter, removing any covers or blankets from the outdoor unit, and clearing away any debris around the unit, a professional HVAC technician is able to get into the heart of your AC system and perform checks, inspections, and conduct any necessary repairs caused by unseen issues. Some AC maintenance items that you can spot yourself and take care of with minimal hassle include replacing your AC filter in the indoor unit and cleaning your outdoor unit. After many months of not being used, changing the filter is imperative. Filters that are clogged with dirt and dust prevent proper air flow, reduce efficiency, and can end up recirculating dust, which can cause unhealthy air quality throughout your home. Your central air conditioner outdoor condenser and compressor unit is susceptible to leaves, yard debris, and dirt. Keep the area clean and the unit free of debris by removing any objects that may get in the way of the fan or obstruct the condenser coils. If you suspect your outdoor unit may need a more involved cleaning, Apple Aire will do a thorough check and servicing of the unit to include cleaning the coils, checking for leaks, looking for damaged pipe insulation, and removing debris that may have gotten inside the unit during the off season.

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For more detailed servicing that gets into the guts of your indoor air handling unit and the outdoor condenser unit, a professional HVAC service technician is your best choice. A professional will inspect and conduct a check of coolant lines and the coil drainage hose, also known as the condensate line. To ensure system efficiency, the technician will tighten electrical connections, lubricate all HVAC moving parts, make sure blower components are properly adjusted, and check the air conditioner refrigerant level. Other items include making sure supply vents and return grills are clean and unobstructed. Once all the checks are made, a run test will be conducted to make sure the thermostat is functioning as intended and the system is moving cool air throughout the home. For a complete AC maintenance check and tune-up to get your air conditioning system properly prepared for use this summer, call Apple Aire at (303) 733-2813.

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