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Apple Aire, Inc. is your source for all types of heating and air conditioning systems, such as the ductless mini split air conditioner. Mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems allow homeowners to control the temperature in individual rooms and spaces. Different than central heating and air conditioning systems which connect each room through a series of ducting that extends throughout the house, a mini-split system just has two parts; the indoor air-handling unit, called the evaporator, which resides in the room and is meant to heat or cool, and the outdoor unit, known as the compressor and condenser component. The indoor air-handling unit is easily installed on a wall and is directly connected to the outdoor unit through a small hole in the wall that attaches the two components’ electrical, drain and refrigerant lines.

These individual room heating and ductless air conditioner units are efficient, compact, and can save homeowners from heating or cooling an entire home, when only one section needs the service. A money and energy saver, ductless mini split air conditioner also remove the safety worry that a window mounted air conditioning unit may pose as it does not rely on an existing opening to provide air.

Ductless Air Conditioners

One of the nice features of the mini-split ductless heating and air conditioning systems is it delivers better air quality than the standard central air system that requires a whole house ducting system to deliver air. Air ducts collect dust and allergens and if not regularly cleaned can provide diminished air quality. Though mini-split ductless systems do not have to worry about dust collecting in ducts, they do take air cleanliness seriously. With multi-stage filtration systems, mini-split ductless systems help clean the air by drastically reducing dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulate matter that may be floating around.

Apple Aire provides mini-split ductless air and heating system installation, repair, and service, giving you more control over your heating and cooling. For more information about mini-split ductless systems or to schedule repair or service, please call us at (303) 733-2813.

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