Denver Home Energy Audit & Weatherization

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It all starts with an energy assessment. Apple Aire professionals will visit your home and conduct a blower door test and use other tools like an infrared camera or air leak detector (smoke pencil) to locate gaps, cracks and leaks in your home. We will check your appliances and HVAC equipment for energy efficiency and evaluate the level of insulation in your walls and attic. Apple Aire will also take the time to interview you to see what comfort and cost concerns you have. Then we will put together a detailed report that shows you the problem areas in your home and prescribe specific steps you can take to solve those problems. Apple Aire is your source for high-performance air sealing and insulation systems for residential and commercial construction in the Denver, Colorado area. Our professionals are dedicated to providing homeowners as well as builders with quality advice and a high l evel of service. Call us at 303.733.2813 to schedule an appointment! stop_losing_money  

Air Sealing

The DOE estimates that 20-40% of the money an average American family spends on heating and cooling their home each year is wasted through uncontrolled air leakage, insufficient insulation and failing duct work. It’s no surprise then that air sealing is almost always a top priority. Air sealing is done with a two-component closed-cell spray foam (it is important that closed-cell foam is used to ensure proper sealing). Gaps and cracks around attic penetrations (plumbing, electrical, chimneys, etc.) are sealed with this foam. Top plates (where the interior walls connect to the attic) and basement rim joists (where the foundation connects to the floor of the house) are also major areas of air leakage and often need to be sealed. Weather-stripping around doors and windows and sealing wall outlets are also effective in reducing air leakage. Apple Aire can help reduce air leakage in you home. Call us today at 303.733.2813 to start your home weatherization project and start saving money! air_sealinig pink_is_green

Attic Insulation

You may not realize how much energy your home is losing, but you see it in your energy bills. To properly weatherize your home, proper levels of insulation are needed. It might surprise you to know that most homes in the United States are under-insulated based on current DOE standards. How many inches of insulation do you have in your attic? What is the effective R-value (thermal resistance) of that insulation? The analysts at Apple Aire can help you determine if more is needed. Call 303.733.2813 for help from the Apple Aire professionals and stop losing money on your heating and cooling bills. REBATES
  • Up to $550.00 for attic insultion
  • Up to $160.00 for air sealing
  • Up to $200.00 for a blower door/infrared home energy audit
  • Up to $40.00 for high-efficiency lighting

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