Denver Home Energy Audit & Weatherization

Apple Aire can provide you with a home energy audit in Denver and the surrounding area to determine how energy efficient your home is. Our energy efficiency assessment is designed to locate gaps, cracks, and leaks in your home that may be leading to the loss of heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. To conduct the audit, we use a variety of tools and techniques such as a blower test, infrared camera, and air leak detector to find discrepancies in energy efficiency throughout your home. We also take the time to interview you and learn about any home energy audit concerns you may have or problems you may be experiencing, so we can find solutions to make your home as comfortable as possible. After completing the audit and interviewing you, we will put together a detailed report that identifies any efficiency issues and describes the problem areas in your home. The report will also describe the steps needed to solve those problems, and explain solutions to make your home more energy efficient. Apple Aire is your source for high-performance air sealing and insulation systems for residential and commercial construction in the Wheat Ridge and Denver, Colorado area. Our professionals are dedicated to providing homeowners as well as builders with quality advice and a high l evel of service. Call us at (303) 733-2813 to schedule an appointment! stop_losing_money    

Weatherization in Denver

The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that up to 20-40% of the money an average American family spends on heating and cooling their home each year is wasted through uncontrolled air leakage, insufficient insulation, and failing duct work. Apple Aire understands these common problems and uses our home energy audit and Denver team analysis to help homeowners recognize that air sealing and weatherization is a top priority when it comes to helping them save money and energy. Through air sealing, the use of a two-component closed-cell spray foam is used to fill gaps and fix leaks in your home that lead to energy waste. This foam is used to provide sealant throughout the home. Such locations where air leakage may be occurring and where sealant is useful include gaps and cracks around attic penetrations, plumbing, electrical components, chimneys, outlets, and more. Other major areas of concern in a home energy audit is where air leakage may be occurring include top plates, where the interior walls connect to the attic, and basement rim joists, where the foundation connects to the floor of the home. Sealing these areas are paramount to achieving a more energy efficient home. Another way to prevent or reduce air leakage is to use weather stripping around doors and windows. air_sealinig pink_is_green

Energy Efficiency Assessment

Our home energy audit for Denver and Wheat Ridge residents can also identify problems in attic insulation where you may be losing valuable heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Apple Aire can help you determine if your attic has the proper amount of insulation and answer questions pertaining the type and quantity of insulation you need to keep your home’s HVAC system working at optimum levels. With over 25 years of experience providing reliable and professional HVAC service including our home energy audit to the Denver area, Apple Aire can help you reduce air leakage in your home by preparing an energy assessment and putting together a weatherization project that will make your home more energy efficient and save you money in the long run. For more information on how we can help you weatherize your home, please call us (303) 733-2813. Don’t forget to ask about rebates associated with weatherizing, insulation, and your home energy audit for Denver residents. Xcel Home Energy Rebates
  • $200.00 Home Energy Audit rebate
  • Up to $350.00 for insulation and/or air sealing
  • Up to $550.00 for attic insulation
  • Up to $160.00 for air sealing
  • Up to $200.00 for a blower door/infrared home energy audit
  • Up to $40.00 for high-efficiency lighting

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