Heat Is Not Working?

Ahh… a cold day in Denver! Wasn’t that the best feeling in the world as a child?  We know for those working, the excitement that a lot of snow brings is usually dulled by thinking about scraping off the car, driving to work on bad roads and having to deal with traffic because in your opinion “nobody knows how to drive in the snow.” What could be the worst though, is if your heat in your home stopped working on top of everything else.

Reasons Why Your heat may stop working

Block Air Intakes

Shut-down heaters occur due to snow piles up and blocks the fresh air intakes. When your heater’s intake is blocked due to snow or ice, it causes the unit to shut down.

Block Exhaust

While heaters need to take in fresh air in order to operate properly, they also need to expel air through an exhaust. If their exhaust gets blocked due to snow or ice, it can also cause the unit to shut down.


Gas furnaces and boilers both have controls that can be susceptible to water damage, especially during heavy rains or when the snow starts to melt. If these elements experience enough water, they’ll begin to corrode and could cause reliability issues.

Bent Fans/Fins

On some occasions, snow and ice could build up on your unit’s aluminum fan and coil fins. When this happens, the weight of the build-up could cause them to bend and eventually break. If you notice a loud sound while your heater is on, bent fins could be why.

Not every one of heating and cooling systems is the same. They differ extensively in competency, performance, ability, and price. If you are not an expert, it is significant to effort with a knowledgeable licensed HVAC contractor in Denver when retailing a heating and cooling system.

Check Before You Call!
If your furnace is not running, there are a few simple things you can check before you call your heating service provider. Here are a few of our tips before you call us.

1.  A great place to start before you assume that there is a problem with your furnace is to take a moment to inspect your fuses and circuit breakers. If there are no issues with the fuses you can then work your way through the following items.

2.  Many furnaces are equipped with an emergency shut off switch that looks just like an average household light switch. These switches are generally installed at the top of your basement stairs. Many times, these switches are turned to the off position accidentally. Some of our customers find it helpful to label the emergency switch or install a colored switch plate so it stands out from your other household light switches.

3.  If your furnace has shut off you can try pressing the red reset button located at the front of your furnace by the burner. If the furnace begins to run you will have heat and should have no further problems. If you press the reset button and the furnace does not start or stops again you should call Apple Aire Inc at (303) 733-2813and we will send a technician right away. Also be careful, it is not recommended to press the reset button more than once.

4.  Winters can be especially challenging, especially when your furnace is equipped with a side wall vent. If the vent for your furnace is plugged by snow your furnace will not work. Always ensure that the areas around your vent are kept clear of snow.