Cooling Services: Wheat Ridge & Denver Metro

When the temps reach triple digits, Apple Aire has the solution to keep you cool!

With over 350,000 cooling issues resolved under our belts, you know you can trust Apple Aire Comfort Advisors to install, repair or service your home’s cooling system.

HVAC Cooling Systems Installation

Have you noticed uneven temperatures in your home or areas that don’t seem to cool correctly? Our  HVAC experts will provide a solution to fix it. The Comfort Advisors at Apple Aire will properly size the correct air conditioning system for your home as well as investigate your ductwork for adequate cooling capacity. We have energy saving options when it comes to cooling your home. Ask about a standard conventional air conditioning system or a ductless mini split system. Did you know an oversized air conditioning system will not cool your home correctly? Ask one of our HVAC Comfort Advisors how we size the correct system for your home.

System Repairs

Imagine this: it’s 101° outside and the temperature in your home is rising. You’ve got guests coming over for dinner in a couple of hours. What do you do? Relax and call the expert technicians at Apple Aire to arrive at your home and fix your air conditioner quickly! We offer free second opinions on major repairs or replacements.

Apple Aire HVAC Service in Denver

Apple Aire Heating & Cooling Service in Wheatridge

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HVAC System Service

Lack of preventative maintenance can result in pesky system freeze-ups or breakdowns during the hottest days of the summer months. Have a certified, trained technician perform seasonal maintenance on your cooling system before the days get hot to ensure proper operation of your air conditioner during the summer. Our Happy Apple service agreement membership offers two seasonal maintenance visits on your HVAC system.

Don’t Forget Your Filter!

Yes, even during the summer months. Your filter is just as important during the cooling season as it is in the heating season. Change your filter every 30 days, unless noted otherwise, to ensure your air conditioner can keep up with the temps.