How We Identify The Best Option

Are you ready to have an HVAC installation? Are you wondering about AC installation prices and its how it could impact your energy costs?

HVAC installation isn’t a simple house upgrade. Many things should be considered before an HVAC installation can happen. Apple Aire Heating and Cooling will provide you with an accurate heating and air conditioning installation estimate to include your potential energy savings once a new unit is professionally installed.

Apple Aire’s Comfort Advisors will thoroughly check and consider every aspect of your home to ensure you’re getting the best solution for your home!

The first factor an Apple Aire Comfort Advisors checks are the size of the room. To pick a suitable HVAC unit for your home, our Apple Aire Comfort Advisors measure the size, the number of rooms, and how many floors. They may also check how many people are living in the house before they install an HVAC unit.

The identify the best HVAC unit for your home, Apple Aire Comfort Advisors measure the tonnage or how much heat in a home is removed every hour. That is why we may also ask any heat-producing things would be in a room too. Installing an HVAC unit with higher tonnage may cost more.

Ducts distribute air throughout the house or building. If you have existing ductwork, Apple Aire Comfort Advisors will check the ducts for repairs and would consider this in choosing the type of system for your HVAC installation. The ductwork is not part of the initial HVAC installation cost unless you decide to install one or repair your existing one.

Based on the size of the room, Apple Aire Comfort Advisors can decide on which HVAC unit you can consider for the HVAC installation. Consider which system would suit your place better: a standard split, a ductless, or a traditional central air system. Apple Aire Comfort Advisors will have an idea of the size of the system they would use for the HVAC installation.

Installing a small HVAC unit in a big room in order to save money would only cost you more in the long run. If an HVAC unit works too hard it may lead to repairs and bigger electric bills. If you installed a big unit in a small room, you would experience uneven temperature, maintenance problems, humidity problems, and loss of efficiency.

Choosing an HVAC unit with a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) or energy efficiency ratio (EER) may cost more, but you will have a more energy efficient home. The higher the EER and SEER ratings, the lower the energy cost. Consider replacing an installed system that has a low SEER for home energy efficiency.

After considering the size of your house, system type, ductwork, and energy efficiency you need for your house, Apple Aire Comfort Advisors will compute the project cost. We will also consider the labor costs, the timeframe of the work, the additional repairs, and other installation (for no ductwork if installation or replacement is needed).

How to Save on Utility Bills

After the HVAC installation, daily energy consumption will add to your HVAC costs. If your HVAC system is not properly maintained, your energy bills will increase. To avoid higher air conditioning costs, here are some simple tips

If you have a fan, this can still be great as a substitute for quickly cooling down the air. When room temperatures increase, consider using your fan instead of lowering the thermostat of your central HVAC unit. Using the right fan would not wear out your installed HVAC unit and consumes far less electricity.

When your filters are clean, your installed HVAC system will run smoothly. If left dirty, pulling in air through the system will be hard and consume even more energy. We strongly recommend that users clean the filters once a month to avoid dust, pollen, and other impurities from circulating the air.

Using the oven often in a room where the HVAC unit is running is often a bad idea and can prevent the installed HVAC unit from functioning efficiently. To balance the room temperature, it will work harder and use more energy which of course, adds to your air conditioning costs. Using other heat-producing appliances in the area where your air conditioner is running could also wear out your installed HVAC unit.

Consider solar screens or window films. Preventing heat from entering and lingering inside your house will enable your installed air conditioner to function smoothly. Your energy consumption will be moderate, so you can save on air conditioning costs.

For exact pricing on HVAC installation services, call an AppleAire Heating and Cooling for a price quote! You can trust Apple Aire to install your HVAC system with precise work. Click here to learn about our trusted Denver area HVAC services.